Afghanistan face serious security and development challenges and continued support of the international community to safeguard the achievements of the past decade and enable Afghanistan to achieve a lasting peace is essential. On this particular occasion, Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness presents the following recommendations to the Government of Afghanistan and the International Community:

For the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan:

- Introduce a strategy to change the highly pessimistic public perception towards 2014 and beyond. The dominant perception among the majority of Afghans about 2014 and beyond is that of further violence and misery, therefore the Afghan government must take steps to boost public confidence about their future.

- Ensure a transparent, fair and inclusive election without any excuse. There is no acceptable alternative to the elections and the future of Afghanistan depends on an orderly and democratic transfer of power in 2014. The government of Afghanistan must heed the demands of the Afghan population and carry out its due responsibility in facilitating the elections for a legitimate future government.

- Facilitate safe investment climate and ensure transparency in managing natural resources as a potential source of revenue. In the long-run, the Afghan economy can benefit much from the exploitation of untapped natural resources, therefore the Afghan government must generate a safe and secure environment for capable and competent investors and take steps toward transparency.

- Ensure transparency in revenue collection. The Afghan government must take necessary steps in bringing effective reforms to eradicate corruption and boost revenue collection.

For the International Community:

- Support the upcoming presidential elections impartially. The international community should also ensure that adequate financial and security resources are available to help Afghan election authorities to hold a free, fair and inclusive election as well as backup the Afghan forces in creating a secure environment for Afghans to partake in the elections.

- Ensure they deliver their commitments made at international conferences e.g. in Chicago and Tokyo in 2012 and stay the course. Afghanistan has made significant achievements in many areas including health, education, human rights and freedom of expression over the last decade. And the country still needs the international support to expand and scale up those successes which came at a cost;

- Ensure that any decline in the international community’s assistance to Afghanistan is orderly and predictable. Any sudden decline in assistance regardless on budget and off- budget should be wisely decided by their respective capitals. The international assistance cut could be as harmful as making Afghanistan a failed state. It could further de-legitimatize Government of Afghanistan in the eyes of Afghans.

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