Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness would like to state its grave concern over the recent recommendations of the Pakistani government attempting to advocate and promote separation of certain provinces of Afghanistan in order to support the Taliban radical movement, enhance its policies yet through another strategic concept.

This concept was drafted three months ago by General Military Headquarters of Pakistan (GHQ), and recently submitted to the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad. The concept outlines that:

1. Up to 4 provinces to be given to Taliban radical movement,

2. Promotes the idea of a divisive political system in Afghanistan,

3. Attempting to divide Afghanistan through ethnic and geographic lines,

4. Promote their strategic interest through proxy groups residing inside Afghanistan

We, the Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness believe that Pakistan is not sincere in its intensions by:

- Asking a specific territory for a known militant group killing innocent Afghan civilians, which an act of state sponsored terrorism not only endangers Pakistan but also the region and the world

- Not cooperating to secure peace in Afghanistan

- Increasing its influence to achieve their strategic objectives by violent means,

- Impose Pakistan’s will in any agreement or process leading to the withdrawal of International forces,

- And bluntly expressing their explicit support for Taliban movement bypassing the efforts of the Afghan government and the international community

- Establishing a satellite state for a militant group like Taliban who have not publically declared to cut ties with Al-Qaida and other terrorist networks.

- Pakistan is trying to shift the terrorist networks based in that country into Afghanistan.

- The consolidation of terrorist and militant groups from Pakistan inside Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness members believe that Pakistan:

- Becoming a more serious cluster of threats to the international peace and stability.

- Supporting regional and international terrorist groups for advancing their policies

- Attempting to weaken national unity and topple the legitimate government of Afghan people

- Undermining sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,

- The Afghan government should summon Pakistan Ambassador and convey its extreme displeasure to such contradictory acts,

- UN must bring further pressures on the Pakistani government align their efforts with the International community to secure peace and stability in Afghanistan,

- Extremism will spread into the central Asian republics and will endanger the stability there too, the prominent example is the presence of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Waziristan of Pakistan, so there is a need for regional unity of efforts to counter this complex yet dangerous game of Pakistan

- The international community must seriously dismiss Pakistan’s double-game and take necessary measure to prevent Pakistani government from interference in Afghanistan internal affairs.

- Pakistan must stop designing blue print policies and no country should try to bring a new system without the consensus and will of Afghan people because it will fail

- Now the people of Afghanistan know about the plans of Pakistan and Taliban which is to bring Afghanistan back to draconian time and the people will guard the interests of this country

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