The Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness welcomes the approval by the National Assembly of Afghanistan of the two laws governing upcoming presidential and provincial council elections in 2014 and parliamentary elections in 2015. The approval of the Election Law and the Law on the Organization, Duties and Jurisdiction of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Electoral Complains Commission (ECC), at this critical juncture of Afghan electoral session, is an important milestone in creating the right framework for ensuring democratic and prosperous processes as Afghans elect their leadership.

The finalization process in itself, even though it took a long time, indicates that Afghan institutions are moving towards the right path in establishing legitimate mechanisms and procedures to ensure upcoming Afghan elections in 2014 and 2015 are inclusive, fair and acceptable.

We believe some of the proposed changes in the laws by the national assembly are reasonable and justifiable. Ensuring adequate representation of women both in the national assembly and in provincial councils, and defining electoral constituency for Kuchi population in the election law are encouraging steps in further cementing solidarity and unity among Afghan citizens. Creation of an Electoral Complaint Commission and the selection committee for appointment of the IEC and ECC commissioners are important elements in ensuring fair electoral process in the law regulating the structure and responsibilities of Afghanistan's electoral management bodies.

We call upon President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to enforce the laws without hesitation. The new laws do provide equitable roadmap for the electoral processes.

Lastly we reiterate our message to the international community, particularly the United States of America that abandoning Afghanistan post-2014 would have adverse impact on achievements of the last decade. We hope the international community should more responsibly study the fallout of their post-2014 decision.